At Holy Cross we Rejoice...

To be part of God's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church within the Church of England.
We seek to promote the unity of creation, to be and do what God requires, to welcome all who will come and to share what we have received with those around us.

Click here for a tour of the churchWelcome to the web site of the Parish Church of the Holy Cross, Blackpool; the site is updated every week and contains all of the parish information and news


Last update 03 Feb 2020

A guide to our web site

*We reproduce the parish magazine of Holy Cross on the web site in full colour every month...Click here for the magazine page
*The full programme of activities taking place in our community centre can be found here...Something every day!..Click here for information on the community centre
*Our Prayer Tour is a virtual tour of the features of the building; it replicates the prayer tour that we have printed as a guide for visitors to the 'real' church...Click here for the virtual tour


Service times and notices are updated weekly. To read this week's notices please click this link on the right which takes you to this week's notices ...